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Who Am I?


Whatever your deadline, whatever your budget, and whatever your needs, drop me a line and we can build a project that suits your goal.


Throughout the writing process, I'll be on hand, keeping you informed every step of the way. After all, it's your project!

A Community Builder

I pride myself on my diverse and inclusive approach to writing and community, and am always learning from every person I speak as to better represent them.

About Me

Hi, I’m Emma! I’ve been writing ever since I was first introduced to paper. With over three years of experience working as a Games Developer for Games Workshop, an industry leader in the world of tabletop wargames, I’ve gone freelance to pursue my dreams of helping people like you build their business, their community, and their ambitions. 

Outside of my professional life (well, with maybe some overlap), I’m a fitness nut, and love pole dance and weightlifting. I get overexcited when I see animals, and love nothing more than a good roast dinner.

So, what can I help you with today?

What are you looking for?

Frequently Requested Services

Whether you need email newsletters, brochure text, advertorial copy, call-to-action text for your Kickstarter, Patreon, or Social Media, want to get your carrier pigeons to drop off flyers, have a tame pack of foxes carrying samples…
Wherever you attract your customers, and however you do it, get in touch for a free consultation today!

A great way of attracting customers towards your products new and old is through writing not just to sell, but to inform and entertain. After all, a sales funnel is great for the final call-to-action, but nothing grabs people’s interests like listicles, discussions on relevant current topics, and articles with recipe ideas.

Whether you want a one-off post or a regular writing service, I’ve got price points to suit every budget. Get in touch with me below!

Blogs are an awesome way of attracting new customers and retaining those who already purchase from you. But, you’re busy, and the “someday” you want to have a regular blog for your business never arrives.
Let me make that “someday” today!
Whether you have some ideas or haven’t got the foggiest; whether you know your way around blogs or want me to manage the day-to-day admin; whether you want to handle social media promotion or want a fully managed package; I have solutions to suit any budget.
Drop me a line and we can have a chat about your needs!

Do you already have content, but it’s not getting the reaction you were hoping for?
Want to write for a modern audience, but you’re not quite sure how?
Perhaps you have some ideas, but you don’t know how to go about getting them on paper?
I can help! 
The blogs I run are highly respected for their dedication to diversity, inclusivity, and championing the communities they represent. If you’re after 1-2-1 consultancy on how to make your content more relevant to today’s audience, editing and proofreading services to ensure your language use is respectful and inclusive, or just a friendly eye over your social media posts once in a while – get in touch!

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