About Me

Hi! I’m Emma, and I’m the mastermind behind Dragon Scribe Studios.

I’ve been working as a content writer for over five years, working across a variety of projects in both printed and digital media. My last full-time gig was working for Games Workshop as a Writer/Games Designer, which saw me write both narrative content and detailed rules sets in multiple well-known publications. I also own Sass and Clacks, a body positive pole dance blog.

I’m also currently volunteering for Earth Strike International as part of their writing team. Earth Strike International is a grassroots movement, demanding that governments and corporations finally take action to address the climate emergency, and take responsibility for the catastrophic damage they’ve caused to our planet.

To date, I’ve worked with some awesome folks, like RippleMatch and Australian Pole Dancers magazine – and I’m hoping I can work with you, too.

Why should you hire me?

I could sit here all day and talk at you about the beauty of the English language and all of its varied applications – but you’ve probably read all that before. You’re after a writer, not a lecturer. 

You’re after someone who can demonstrate their craft on paper. You want a writer who knows the rules of writing. And breaks them.

You want a voice that your audience identify and engage with, because you know in the modern marketing age, personalities sell. You can’t just rely on the merits of your product any more – you have to wine and dine your audience, and create the desire for more. 

Other writers might just take your audience through the fast food drive-thru. I’ll take them to a fancy Italian restaurant and really help your product shine. 

If you think I’m the right writer for you, get in touch! I’d love to hear more about your project, your goals, and your vision.

Who am I, really?

Outside of my writing work, I’m a fitness enthusiast with a love for weight lifting and pole dancing. I’m an animal lover to my very core, and closely vet every zoo and animal park I visit to ensure that they’re funding conservation, and not exploiting endangered animals for profit. I love reading non-fiction and watching documentaries, particularly if they’re historical, about conspiracy theories, or are about true crime. I’m passionate about great games design, and love playing games in all of their formats. 

In 2020, I also adopted a fantastic black kitty called Shuri, and brought home a gorgeous German Shepherd puppy called Suki. It’s my goal in life to care for as many animals as I can and give every animal in my care a loving, happy home. 

My favourite colour: Purple

My favourite real animal: Komodo Dragon

My favourite mythological animal: Dragon

My motto: “Do no harm; take no shit”