Blogs for Busy People

The average person with access to the internet spends more than 24 hours a week browsing the internet.

We live in an attention economy. Every brand and business with an online presence is trying desperately to draw the eyes of every internet user away from what they’re doing and towards their content.

For huge conglomorates with the budget for endless social media ads, flashy graphics, and marketing teams, grabbing attention is easy.

However, these corporate giants are missing the one thing that makes your business unique – 

Your human voice.

The Power of Blogs

To drive traffic and bring in new customers, it’s only logical that your business has an online presence. But have you thought about how you drive traffic to your business online?

Blogs are a fantastic way of reaching out to your audience and creating additional value for your business – while still remaining friendly to your budget.

Studies show that companies with a blog receive 97% more links to their business. With great quality blog posts, your blog will drive traffic to your website through content that informs and entertains your audience.

Blogs can draw up to six times more traffic to your website. That’s six times the amount of people looking at your products and services – and six times the opportunities to sell.

And, perhaps most importantly, 60% of customers feel more positively towards brands after reading custom blog content.


What's In a Blog Post?

Great blog posts go far beyond content for content’s sake. Let’s take a look at the anatomy of a great blog post:

  • SEO-driven. To drive organic traffic to your website, your blog post needs to make Google do a happy dance. That means great keywords, impeccable spelling and grammar, and optimised meta-data to improve your position in search results.
  • Error-free. You wouldn’t trust an email riddled with spelling mistakes and grammar errors, so why would your readers trust an article that doesn’t know the difference between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’?
  • Authoritative. Readers want to be able to find all the information they need in one place, and they need to know the information they’re getting can be trusted. This means citing high-quality sources and expert knowledge so they know they can trust your opinion. 

How Can I Help?

As well as being a specialist content writer, I’ve been running my own blog in the health and fitness niche for over a year. I pride myself on my experience and knowledge of WordPress, SEO, and community engagement.

I’m constantly learning and improving my knowledge around new technologies, algorithms, and shifting trends as the internet evolves, so you’ll never be left wondering how to adapt your content to Google’s algorithm. 

Whether you’re a small business looking to improve your online visibility, want regular content without the hassle of employing a staff writer, or simply don’t have time to give your blog the attention it deserves, I have a range of service packages to suit every need and budget

If you’re curious, get in touch with me today! I’d love to chat more about your business’ goals and how I can help you improve your online presence.